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Bellerive Primary School Slammed For Banning Candy Canes & Birthday Cake!


Bellerive Primary School near Hobart has been slammed for bans on candy canes and birthday cakes.

The bans were introduced to students before parents were consulted.

It's part of the school's new eat well move well campaign.

However parents are furious, likening the move to totalitarian rule. 

Parents don't understand why the school wouldn't take an 'everything in moderation approach'. 

Others don't like the idea of taking these choices away from parents when many families celebrate birthdays with cakes. 

For some parents' who cannot afford a party, the cake in the classroom is the only way some get to celebrate with friends. 

Tasmania's education minister Jeremy Rockcliff has urged the school to change their mind about the treat bans.

But they think it's bad! What do you think?


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