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Pay Deal Justified says Victoria Cross Recipient

Jacquie Lambie (deleted c5ff4498912077321bd71b30c4816516)

Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith responded to criticism dished out by the Palmer United Senator Jacqui Lambie - over the pay deal for our defence personnel.

The Tasmanian urged the public to turn their backs on Coalition MPs during Remembrance Day ceremonies - in protest of the 1-point-5% annual pay increase for soldiers over the next three years.

Roberts-Smith says the pay decision is justified

“While we can’t do anything about the pay increase because that's simply the nature of the economy at the moment,what we can do is make sure the community acknowledge the fact that these guys are going to need help transitioning, as big business and cooperates come on board to look after people and make sure they have direction and a good sense of self worth.”

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