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Launceston Siege Continues


Police are continuing to negotiate with a man holed up inside a Launceston house.

Officers were called to Waratah road in Rocherlea just after 2 this morning following reports of a domestic disturbance.

Several people who were originally in the house have since left but the man who is known to the occupants has so far refused to leave.

Officers and friends of the man continue to try and negotiate with him as he paces back and forth armed with a kitchen knife.

Witnesses at the scene say the man is shirtless has been seen standing at the front window of the home holding what looks like a photo frame in one hand.



A media briefing was held at 1pm where police revealed when they attended the house in the early morning

threats were made against the officers present, capsicum spray was used in an attempt to subdue the 41yo

man but the spray did not have the desired affect and the man, who is known to police retreated into the

house and barricaded himself in.


Early indications are he may be affected by drugs and there are concerns for his health

Around 15 officers remain at the scene as well as members of the Tasmanian fire service.

Police have closed Waratah Road but the situation is contained and there is no danger to the public.

Northern Commander Brett Smith said their approach is always resolution by negotiation and at this stage there is no need to deploy the special operations group.


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