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Red Brick Road Cider House & Bar Featured


At Red Brick Road we handcraft ciders and perries, with only natural ingredients, based on traditional techniques with a twist of innovation and experimentation. As family cidermakers, we believe in real cider made from real fruit by real people.

All of our ciders and perries are sugar-free, unpasteurised, unfiltered and made only from natural fermentation processes. This means that they are dry and cloudy and sometimes funky compared to many commercial ciders. But if you taste them, we think you’ll see that this minimalist approach means that you really taste the apples and pears we’ve used. They are blended and bottle-fermented with the same care as Tassie’s top sparkling wines so if you look you’ll find soft, creamy bubbles and a gentle yeast flavour that adds to all the fruit.

Whilst we are passionate students of the historical craft cidermaking methods we are not slaves to tradition, so occasionally you’ll find hints of the unexpected in our cider, from hops and American oak, to new yeast strains and Pinot Noir. You’ll also find a whole bucket load of Tassie ingredients, from the apples to the hops, grown and fermented here. What you won’t find is us trying to hide what we’ve done, so if we’ve done something new whilst crafting a fermentation you can pretty much guarantee we’ll be excitedly telling you about it, and possibly even our plans for improving it next time too!

With a combined 40+ years experience in the drinks industry, working everywhere from Champagne to Wagga Wagga, we take our cidermaking seriously so all that’s left for everyone else to do is have fun and enjoy our ciders. With this is mind we’d love you to visit us at our CiderHouse in Launceston. Can’t make it there? You can also find us at a small range of retailers we love working with or join our CiderClub.

We started Red Brick Road Cider in July 2014 over a glass or two of cider, a whole picking bin full of crazy ideas and not much else. Sort of the way we’ve started most of the fun things in our life. The name comes from the meme about the red brick road in the Wizard of Oz movie. We all know where the yellow brick road led, but if you look closely you’ll spy a red brick road spiralling off in a direction all of its own. We figured this was a fitting analogy for starting a new venture after an offer to make our previous cider brand commercially.

Where does the red brick road go? What fun is to be found on the journey? We don’t know for sure but we’d love you to come on a real cider adventure with us.