If you’re planning on claiming a tax deduction for a donation then it’s important to understand the rules.

To be able to claim a deduction the gift must be made to a deductible gift recipient or DGR for short. But a word of warning – not all charities are DGRs.

The ATO offers the example of crowdfunding campaigns and warns that many of these are not run by DGRs, so donations to them are not deductible.

If you are giving money, then the donation has to be $2 or more for you to be able to claim a deduction. It’s also vital to keep records such as a receipt.

Here’s something you may not know .. if you donate $2 or more, to bucket collections by DGRs you can claim a total tax deduction of up to $10 for those donations without a receipt.

Effie Zahos

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