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Hammond Seafoods

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2 Weld Street, Invermay
03 63 515 622
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Hammond Seafoods, located in Invermay, is a testament to the dedication and passion of the Hammond family, who have been synonymous with the Tasmanian fishing industry for over four decades. Founded by John Hammond, whose relentless determination has driven the business to thrive amidst increasing regulation and competition, Hammond Seafoods stands as a beacon of quality and perseverance.
John Hammond, an unstoppable force when he sets his mind to something, has built a true family operation. His son, John Jr., continues the legacy out on the Hammond fishing boats, supplying the freshest catches. Meanwhile, his daughter, Brooke, adeptly runs the day-to-day operations of the business. John’s wife, Jill, is also a vital part of the team, ensuring everything runs smoothly and keeping ‘Big John’ in check.
Hammond Seafoods stands proudly as Launceston’s only fresh and takeaway seafood store, offering customers a unique and authentic seafood experience.
The Hammond family’s unity and dedication are at the heart of this thriving business, making it a true reflection of their determination and hard work.
Whether you need fresh seafood for your own creations at home or are looking for a delicious, easy takeaway seafood meal, Visit Hammond Seafoods in Invermay – look for the big hook!!