L GENERIC Wedding Warrior Wings

R GENERIC Wedding Warrior Wings

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Lehmo AKA Anthony Lehmann

Bagging out Carlton Football Club and talking about coming to visit us in Launnie. Dan & Marie  

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Not just a personal love but now a career for her aswell, Nat talks with us about her new show Changing Rooms. Dan & Marie

Body talks with The Struts

When Dave Grohl tweets "...... they’re the best opening band we’ve ever had!" it certainly makes Luke from The Struts, look back on the last 10 years. Dan & Marie  

Here's something to ponder....

Asking someone if they're deaf is a very useless question.... Listen as we ponder some of the biggest conundrums in life. Dan & Marie  

The Wolfe Bothers

 Nick speaks with us about hurting his rotator cuffs from carrying around 4 Golden Guitar awards for a whole night. We're so proud of these three gents, they're talented and humble even with their success. Crack a tinny and have a listen. Dan & Marie

Would you rather.....

The ol' Poseidon kiss huh....?! Would you rather Wednesday at it's lowest point... oh dear.... Dan & Marie  

When phones are like swords.....

The situations everyone thinks but is too scared to voice. If my calculator had a history, it would be more embarrassing than my browser history. Tall people are expected to use their reach to help shorter people, but if a tall person were to ask a short person to hand them something...

PNAU are amazing!!!

Woah do these guys have some energy! Chilling out dressed as strawberries having a chat with us, PNAU have a quick chat with us. Dan & Marie
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