Dan Marie pageheader 2018

The prodigal son returns

Listen as Dan awkwardly sets up a date between Marie & Luke. With a weird wingman/third wheel, what could go wrong on this virtual date? Dan & Marie

On Mondays we ponder

Voicing the thoughts we have in the shower or right before we fall asleep. Dan & Marie share their ponders with us.  

Amy Shark do do do do do

Amy discusses how she came up with 'Adore' and 'I said Hi' and we decide to play Amy Shark-Tank with the Queen of the Arias.  Dan & Marie  

Ryan talks MAFS and comedy

Ryan has taken on a new career in stand-up comedy. He tells us what life is like marrying a total stranger and the fallout after the show and how he became a comedic genius. Dan & Marie 

Kids alive, do the 5

Check your gate mate - chating with Laurie Lawrence about pool safety and how we can learn CPR to help save lives and keep kids from drowning this summer. Dan & Marie

Are lakes islands for fish...?

So are lakes fish islands? Why is baggage collection never monitored at airports and how long does it take for a giraffe to throw up...? Dan & Marie

Meniks big break

From the silver screen to the big screen, Menik describes how she went from the small set of Neighbours to the blockbuster film Mortal Engines, due to be released in early December. Dan & Marie