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It's all about Mojo

3 Aria nominations and an amazing set of pipes - Dan & Marie got to chat to Mojo Juju about coming to tassie and the Arias. Enjoy!

Top ten things you were scared of as a kid

Halloween isn't too far away, and we asked our listeners what scared them the most... and we narrowed it down to a top ten! WARNING: Horror themes...Not for the weak of heart!1. David Bowie in 'Labyrinth'2. Judge Doom in 'Who framed Roger Rabbit' 3. Chucky from 'Childs Play' 4. Gremlins  5. Mars Attacks...

Live with a Latte - Stay Sharp (Scotch Oakburn College)

Check out the amazing Live with a Latte with Dan and Marie on Chilli Fm with the barbershop stylings of 'Stay Sharp' from Scotch Oakburn College! Plus the beautiful 'I need your love' cover of Ellie Goulding live in the studio here: 

Marie flirts with Randy...

    We were lucky enough to chat with Randy about his upcoming performance in Launceston.   Marie is such a big fan and was shamelessly flirting with Mr. Feltface....    
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