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R GENERIC Wedding Warrior Wings

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Macaulay Culkin opens up

Macauly Culkin and his relationship with Michael Jackson has long been a hot topic due to its unusual nature. He's finally opened up about what happened between them and how their friendship developed. Macauly describes how Michael and he used to prank call people and how often they laughed together. Dan & Marie   **...

What rhymes with haberdashery...?

What an awesome guy! Briggs is really starting to make his mark on the Aussie rap & hip hop scene. We caught up with him at Falls Festival to have a chat about his success so far. FYI - he left one of his Aria awards at a cafe.... Dan & Marie  

Courtney Barnett

Imagine Barrack Obama being a big fan of yours....it's almost impossible right? Courtney Barnett has a chat with Matty G & Marie about performing at MoFo and her success in 2018. Matty & Marie  

Is Ed Sheeran Guilty?

Ed Sheeran is being sued for one hundred million dollars for his song Thinking Out Loud as it is believed to sound like Marvin Gaye's song Lets Get It On. We've mashed the tunes together for comparison, so have a listen and let us know what you think. Guilty or not Guilty? Dan...
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