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Make me up before you go go....

Chatting with Nicole Pinky Thompson about the do's and don't's when making ones face up. Listen to Pinky talk about Kate Hudson and other stars she's performed her artistry on. Love Dan & Marie

I'm sorry, WHAT happened?!

Find out what happened to Nick's brother at their first Araia apperance. Lets just say he'll never make this mistake again! Dan & Marie

Greyhound adopting with Andrea & Rosie

These woofers are amazing and we were very surprised to find out that they're actually lazy and more of a 'cat' type of dog...... Have a listen. Dan & Marie

Ever tried to set a world record?

What exactly does it take to spin around whilst doing the splits in a wind tunnel....?! Have a listen and find out. Dan & Marie

Tara - Memoir from the boudoir.....

Tara is such a gorgeous soul and is very insightful when it comes to mental health and how she, as an escort came to help some of those struggling. It really was a wonderful chat. Dan & Marie

Everything Bachelorette with Dan Hobley

We caught up with Dan to chat about the semi final and the finale of The Bachelorette. Here's what he had to say about Ali and the two blokes hoping for a chair before the music stops.... apparently there was a Seth Rogan look a-like?! Dan & Marie

The Irish Ed Sheeran

They say he's the Irish version of Ed Sheeran and although they sound similar and both started their music careers by busking, Dermot is very much an individual. 300 million streams and touring America means this man has a very bright future ahead of him. Have a listen and let us know...

Northern Tassie's most hated phrases

We asked our listeners for their most hated phrases or words and they didn't disappoint. Dan came up with the briliant idea of putting them into a skit and the finished product was better than we could have imagined! Listen to 'Sharon & Damo' read out Tasmania's most hated phrases. Love always, Dan...