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Why did Dan call Madeline a vampire...?

Trust Dan to call Madeline West a 'Vampiric Beauty'...... Listen to us quiz her on Neighbours trivia and how to manage 6 children with a full-time career. Enjoy! Dan & Marie

Controversial stuff...

 Titus joined us for a quick chat about his new book and how we can spin bad publicity. Something Dan & Marie may need in the future....

Dan can't wait to visit Tassie!

So it seems the only way Marie can get a date is to chat up blokes after the get dumped...?! Maybe Dan is just a good wingman..? Have a listen and tell us what you think. Dan & Marie

Does your pet have a weird obsession?

After finding out about her friends pets weird obsession with underwear, Marie was curious to find out who elses pet was like this.... Dan & Marie

MKTO learn some Aussie slang

Have a go at that....! Dan & Marie have a chat with Malcome and Tony - the duo that make up MKTO and teach them some of Aussie's finest slang terms. Check out their reaction here. Dan & Marie