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I think we're alone now, after hearing her voice, there doesn't seem to be anyone around.

Ever the fitness fanatic, Marie is quick to jump to conclusions, run from her problems and is often seen eye rolling her way through the mundane. With a strong focus on shoes and the superficial, she is always concerned with wasting the perfect outfit on an insignificant event.

Striving for the mediocre, she will not let you down with poor life choices and an even more underwhelming story about said events.

You will find her cocooned in her weaved 500,000 thread count sheets, binge watching trashy television, gorging on copious amounts of bakery treats and incoherently yelling at the silver screen for the leading damsel to save herself.

Always an advocate of the black and white army, tolerable of 2 children, Marie loves Launceston as Kanye loves himself - always!