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Daryl Braithwaite Launches Merch to Celebrate 30 Years of 'The Horses'

January 28, 2021, marks 30 years (yes, 30) since Daryl Braithwaite released 'The Horses' as a single, which has since become an iconic song in Australia.

How many times have you sung 'The Horses' at the top of your lungs? We've lost count here.

To celebrate the milestone Braithwaite has released some sweet merch, including The Horses 30th Anniversary Surfboard! Yes, for $899 you can be riding on the waves, yeah yeah.

Or, if that's too rich for you, perhaps consider The Horses 30th Anniversary Souvenir Spoon for only $10 (with a digital download). Not only will you impress your friends over coffee, but it's also sure to pick you up, pick you up. Sorry, we couldn't help it, check out the full range of merch with t-shirts, bucket hats, tea towels and more here:

"Jan 28th is the 30th year anniversary of when I released 'The Horses'. To celebrate I have some brand new merchandise available on my store which you can look at and purchase here:," Braithwaite said in a recent Facebook post to launch the merch.

"This merch will also be available at the Sounds Better Together show"

Originally released January 28, 1991, The Horses eventually reached number one on the ARIA Singles Chart and was the number four song for that year.

Written by Rickie Lee Jones and Walter Becker, 'The Horses' was originally performed by Jones on her 1989 album Flying Cowboys.

“I would never have thought that 25 years down the track ‘The Horses’ - a song that I heard quite by accident and then recorded, would be liked by so many people for so many different reasons. And for this I am eternally grateful,” Daryl said in a statement that marked the 25th anniversary.

“I am sure that Rickie Lee Jones and Walter Becker could never imagine how endearing the song would and has become. My thanks to Sony Music and Simon Hussey and everyone involved with the recording.”