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Marble Machine Makes Incredible Music

This music box machine uses 2,000 steel marbles to make music!

You won’t believe your ears and perhaps not your eyes either. But it’s real and it’s amazing!

It took Swedish musician Martin Molin 16 months to build the machine, which has 3,000 parts and feels very much like a piece of art.

Watch as Martin hand cranks a wheel to get things moving, then pushes and pulls levers to feed the marbles through metal tubes, funnels and pulleys.

The tubes have gates that release the marbles at perfectly timed intervals where they fall and strike various instruments, including a vibraphone, bass, kick drum and cymbal.

The result is incredible! And the tune is fun too with its catchy beat. The machine itself is programmable: its central wheel is a 32 bar loop. 

Martin built the machine in 2016 and is now collaborating with a team of engineers, designers and a legion of fans to build a new, better version, to be called Machine X.

Imagine the orchestra of music that will come out of that one!

If you're keen to understand more about how the original machine works, watch this time-lapse video of it being dismantled but in reverse - so it's like watching it being built all over again. The machine was taken apart so it could be transported to a museum in the Netherlands, where it went on display for a short time.

You can follow Martin's progress on Twitter.