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Pringles launch Veggie Creations


There's nothing quite as satisfying as the crunch of a salty Pringles chip - and now you can kick the guilt of slinging back a whole tube of them to the curb with the all new Pringles Veggie Creations.

With "EPIC VEGGIE TASTE IN EVERY CHIP", the new range of vegetable and spice-inspired Pringles will see supermarket shelves stocked with 3 brand new flavours:

  • Potato with tomato, delightful mozzarella and herbs (suitable for vegans).
  • Potato with purple sweet potato and sea salt (suitable for vegetarians).
  • Potato with orange sweet potato, delightful paprika and garlic (suitable for vegans).

The new range will be available from Coles supermarkets in June.