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The New Qantas Ad is Bringing People to Tears

Qantas have released a new advert promoting the case for getting vaccinated and it's got people in tears.

Tugging at the hearts of every Australian, the pull of this ad is around seeing loved ones again especially when they are overseas.

 Tones and I set the background music with Fly Away which sets the mood perfectly.

And social media is buzzing with a largely positive response.

Even in the video's comment, there are people being thankful for the hope that we will travel again to see our loved ones.

Nicola Coalter commented "Regardless of any argument about when or how. Or any discussion about privilege of those that will or can. They are indeed important discussions. But not for me, here or now. Just a simple thank you for instilling hope for travel again. I dearly miss my kid in Dublin and this advert was simply hopeful."

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