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The Chilli Season

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Video: Cobra-chicken vs angry cows

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This fierce goose has no flocks left to give!

When you think of fierce animals, you probably imagine lions, tigers, alligators or even a snake right?

Well, hold my animal cracker, because this footage of a Canadian Goose facing a herd of angry cows might just change your mind.

The video posted to the Weird Animals Twitter account shows the goose barely flinching aS several cranky cows try to scare it.

You could even say the poor goose was being bull-ied. But that goose wasn't taking any crap from those cows.

We Aussies probably don't know much about the Canadian bird, but plenty of commenters were familiar with its goosing tactics.

Canadian Geese are famous for flying in those beautiful V formations and they also have a loud honk, which is super cute.

But one commenter had an explanation for the fearless behaviour.

A quick google of the Canadian Goose tell us the male is a fierce defender of his mate and babies, and will happily charge an enemy.

We love you Canadian Goose, and respect your fighting spirit. We think it needs to go on the Canadian flag instead of the maple leaf!