Feb Fit


2020 had been a tough year and, at Chilli, we want to start 2021 on a brighter, more positive note!

Did you know that not only is exercise good for your physical health but it can help your mental health too?

Exercise releases chemicals like endorphins and serotonin that help to improve your mood! A good old bit of physical activity will help to boost blood to the brain helping us to think more clearly... Exercise is that great it can even help to reduce stress, restore confidence, give more energy, ease some symptoms of mental health conditions and help you to sleep!

What does fitness mean to you? What lessons can we learn from people in our local communities to improve our health, not just physical but mental too?

Chilli is all about a happy and healthy 2021; we're celebrating this with Feb Fit!

From Fit Conversations to local active events, healthy recipes and our step challenge - we want to head into 2021 happier and healthy with you!

If you have a health or fitness event, let us know! Or check out what's on.

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