Council seeks community views

February 21, 2024 9:21 am in by
Photo: Edwin H Remsberg from Getty Images.

Launceston residents will have until the end of March to share their views on a range of topics including death, disaster and Christmas recycling.

The City of Launceston’s Tomorrow Together community consultation program is kicking off for 2024 and mayor Matthew Garwood said it is set to delve into some unusual territory.

“The City of Launceston’s Tomorrow Together program is an ongoing dedicated community consultation
opportunity which involves us going out to the community several times a year on a range of different
topics,” he said.

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“In the past we’ve sought the community’s views on city planning, playgrounds, the environment and
much more.

“The answers provided by the community help us to develop new policies, management plans and
initiatives to help make our city an even better place.

The mayor said while talking about death might not be the cheeriest topic, it’s important because it helps plan for the future management of assets like the Carr Villa Memorial Park.

“Cremation is becoming more common compared to traditional burial, so we’re eager keen to see how
Launceston residents feel about it, and what factors they consider when a loved one passes away, he said.

“Consultation will also includes some questions about the potential of an extra kerbside recycling collection at Christmas, what plans people have in place for natural disasters, and what people think about our recreational paths and trails across the municipality.

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Carr Villa Memorial Park Acting Business Leader Eve Gibbons said the upcoming consultation was a rare
opportunity for people to provide their thoughts on end of life services.

“We know that Carr Villa Memorial Park is an important place for many Launceston families, but it’s rare
that we turn our thoughts to our individual wishes when we talk about end of life,” Ms Gibbons said.

“This consultation provides us with an opportunity to identify changing trends, especially regarding burial
and cremation preferences, and to determine how Carr Villa Memorial Park can contribute to supporting
these decisions both presently and in the future.”