Health Row Rages

June 18, 2024 11:59 am in by

Tasmania’s parliament’s erupted over health and whether services and jobs are on the chopping block.

It’s the result of a leaked health department memo about job vacancies going into an assessment process in order to improve a deteriorating budget.

Health Minister and member for Lyons Guy Barnett told parliament the government’s in fact on a recruitment blitz and dug up Labor’s track record when in power.

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“You sacked a nurse a day, you were the ones who sacked the frontline healthcare workers, surely you can’t forget that.”

Labor’s portraying an appraisal of vacant positions as meaning health staff numbers will inevitably reduce.

The Minister denies that’s the case

“We need to be prudent and the Health Department is no different, I have made it very clear we are employing more people in our frontline services.”