Hobart short-stay outcry

April 19, 2023 10:16 pm in by

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The Greens claim Airbnb is out of control in Hobart, as another homeowner applies for a short-stay permit.

Hobart has seen a rash of short-stay permit applications since Council flagged a potential ban on new whole-home permits in 2021, concerned that Tasmania’s capital has a far higher Airbnb density than Sydney and Melbourne.

While the push earned praise from welfare lobby TASCOS, in February the state’s Planning Commission ruled councils don’t have the authority to ban short-stay permits.

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Greens Leader Cassy O’Connor claims there’s little political will to deal with the situation, given senior Liberals own short-stay properties.

She says young people in North Hobart now face eviction as their Newdegate Street landlord applies for a permit Hobart City Council will be forced to rubber stamp. 

“Today is Youth Homelessness Matters Day. If Jeremy Rockliff and his government want to be taken seriously on youth homelessness and the broader housing crisis, they need to recognize the need to control the explosion in short stay listings is urgent,” said Ms O’Connor. 

“The status quo is untenable for young people and every Tasmanian needing a secure, affordable home.”

But one Hobart City Councillor isn’t convinced. 

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“Short-stay is a small piece of our housing troubles. A fundamental issues is the lack of supply, especially social housing and the Greens are guilty with failing on this too when they were in power with Labor,” said Cr. Louise Elliott. 

“The Greens clearly don’t believe in fair rights for owners and, as usual want to control other people.”



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