Push for vaccination with peak flu season almost here

July 10, 2024 8:57 am in by

Complacency and vaccination fatigue are being blamed for a slump in the number of Tasmanians getting a flu shot this season.

Figures show just one in three of us has had the jab even though the number of cases of flu in the community continues to rise. Peak flu season typically hits around August and September.

Vaccination rates remain high among older Tasmanians, with the 65s and over well represented but younger people are not showing similar numbers.

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Vaccination rates have been steadily declining over the last four months and are around 2 percent lower than a similar time last year.

Launceston based Pharmacy Guild president Helen O’Byrne says the community is possibly sick of vaccines.

“We had increased rates of vaccination during COVID, but maybe people have forgotten we also need to cover for flu,” she said.

“So if people can step up and come in and get vaccinated for flu….it’s convenient to get vaccinated in your local community pharmacy.”