The Big Spud takes a tumble

October 16, 2023 10:33 am in by

Picture: The Big Spud – before and after the wind storm

One of the North-West Coast’s best known landmarks has come to grief following strong winds at the weekend.

The Big Spud on the side of the Bass Highway at Sassafras has come crashing down, but plans are already underway to have it re-instated.

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The Big Spud, or Kenny Beck, as he became known by locals, is a large fibreglass potato with a face and wearing a hat, mounted on a pole, and was erected in 1982 to promote a roadside fresh vegetable outlet.

The spud was created by local farmer and father of the Premier, Rick Rockliff, with some help from the Premier and his siblings.

Jeremy Rockliff says in a social media post Kenny obviously needs some TLC, but he’s hoping the iconic North-West Coast landmark can be repaired and be back up again in the near future.