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Tas woman falls while caving


Police search and rescue have had a busy 24 hours, following two rescues conducted overnight.

A woman in her 30s was rescued around midnight after falling 8 metres and breaking her thigh bone while caving at Mystery Creek Cave. The call from assistance came from her caving companion.

The woman had travelled 100 metres into the cave when she fell.

Two Westpac Rescue Helicopters winched the woman to safety and took her to the Royal Hobart Hospital where she is receiving treatment.

Rescue two

Meanwhile, marine police rescued two men stranded on a 27-foot bayliner boat on Black Jack Rock.

The 48 and 73 year old stranded men were transferred to Police Vessel Resolute and conveyed to South Arm Jetty, where they were taken by Ambulance to the Royal Hobart Hospital.

They were both suffering Hypothermia. 

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