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Marriage result tomorrow

The same sex marriage survey result is due out tomorrow and already there are misgivings about how it's likely to take shape in Australian law should the yes vote win.

Tasmania's Greens leader Cassy O'Connor is alarmed at a proposed government bill by Senator James Paterson.

"Which would allow bakers, florists and other businesses to refuse service to gay couples on the basis of their belief, we don't believe that is a fair price to pay."

Senator for Tasmania, Eric Abetz told Sky News he read Senator Paterson's bill last night which he believes allows for protecting the rights of those opposed to same sex marriage, in the event of it going ahead.

"It goes a long way to addressing and alleviating a lot of those concerns, so I think Senator Paterson has done marvellous work in relation to this bill and in the event of a yes vote, I think his is a blueprint to try and bring as much of the community together in circumstances where this is a difficult issue, where men and women of good faith are on both sides of the debate."