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Internet debacle

A year of useless internet connection has effectively left Tasmania's Cambridge Observatory inoperative.

The stargazing facility which provides an important global service to users such as NASA has been crippled since switching to the NBN on fibre to the node.

Owner Shevill Mathers has spent months talking with everyone from politicians to the Ombudsman, with the same result.

"A nightmare, I've wasted probably weeks of man hours sitting at computers trying to fathom it, fiddle with modems and talk to technical support, a lot of the so-called technical support is a waste of time."

Mid last year, NASA cancelled a live TV hookup with Shevill because of the problems.

"The events happen down here during the middle of the night and it's daytime in America, so people like NASA who are interested in asteroids and near Earth objects like to get daytime footage and they can broadcast it live."

Shevill is switching providers in a last ditch attempt to get back to the sort of connectivity he had with the old ADSL system.