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Balloon ban

Kingborough's Mayor is maintaining a ban on balloons at public events involving the Tasmanian Council is the right step for the sake of the environment.

Along with the balloon ban, the council has decided to prohibit takeaway food containers and other plastic utensils, which one Councillor opposed has dubbed ridiculous.

Mayor Steve Wass is asking detractors to come around to the idea for our future generations.

"What we are trying to say to them is look, consider the environment, consider you children and their children's generations to come and the resources that we have now to the resources they have then and of course trying to make the world a better place."

These locals surveyed by WIN, seem to be on board.  

(a) "I think it's a bit wowserish, but they do a lot of damage, there's enough plastic in the world already."

(b) "I think there are plenty of other things like streamers and you can get eco-confetti and other stuff nowadays." 

(c) "You often hear that they end up in waterways and you see videos online all the time of what they do to turtles."