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Mayor welcomes Macquarie Harbour joint venture


Salmon farming in Macquarie Harbour on the west coast will be given a shake up as farmers Petuna and Tassal enter a new joint venture.

Each producer will continue to run it's own lease but a joint management committee will oversee the strategic management of the leases.

Petuna CEO Ruben Alvarez said it was an important step for aquaculture in Macquarie Harbour.

“The joint management and utilisation of our marine leases will allow better fallowing and separation of
year classes of fish, which will significantly enhance the wellbeing of fish and the biosecurity in the
Harbour," he said.

West Coast Mayor Phil Vickers says he was concerned jobs could be lost under the new deal but he was hopeful there would not be.

"Both have said that they're hopeful that their won't be any job losses, so to speak," he said.

"People will be able to transfer to other locations if they wish to, certainly those that work drive-in-drive-out will be able to work closer to home."