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Granville Harbour wind farm

wind turbine

A wind farm with the capacity to power almost 50 thousand homes has secured the funding it needs to begin construction by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

The Granville Harbour Wind Farm will consist of 31 wind turbines increasing the state's wind power by a third.

Treasurer Peter Gutwein said it was another big win for the west coast.

"What we're going to see there are 200 more jobs created during construction, importantly ten ongoing job," he told reporters.

"But what it will mean is that we take another significant step towards becoming 100 per cent renewable."

Liberal candidate for Braddon, Brett Whiteley said it was the product of a good relationship between the State and Federal Governments.

But his Labor opponent Justine Keay said if Mr Whiteley had had his way it would never have happened.

"The funding for this proposal, while we welcome it, has come from the Clean Energy Finance Corporation which my opponent voted several times to abolish," she said.