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Students march through the streets for climate action

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Thousands of students, joined by their parents, have packed Hobart's Parliament House Lawns and Prince's Square in Launceston in a show of strength on climate change.

They’re calling for political leaders to do more to address their concerns. The students - many wearing their uniforms - held signs with slogans such as "The climate is changing, why aren't we?" and "Make earth cool again".

Primary school student Josh says the government should be doing all it can to fight the climate crisis and win.

"I think they could do more, to stop what's happening."

"We're here to support all of us and to save our future," he said.

Critics say children are being manipulated by the left and would be better off in class focusing on literacy and numeracy.

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Greens Senator for Tasmania Nick McKim is all in favour.

"School children having an influence on their parents right now and telling their parents to vote for strong action on climate change and I wish them all the best and power to them."

The strike is one of 50 protests taking place across the country today and they join students from more than 90 countries across the world who are striking from school to demand climate change action.

The marches were followed by speeches from students of various schools.

Images: Rory O'Grady