Population to slide

A population of 650,000 by mid-century might be the Hodgman Government's big goal for Tasmania, but without some changes it's looking a little fanciful.

While the state's numbers have been rapidly growing recently, a new report from the University of Tasmania's Institute for the Study of Social Change finds our older demographic dying out will catch up.

Co- author Lisa Denny explains it is particularly important there are counter measures for regional spots facing population downturns such as the West Coast and Circular Head.

"There are opportunities for local government areas to work together where there are clusters of similar challenges, could be able to achieve economies of scale in the delivery of services, but not doing anything will eventually lead to the market deciding the fate of areas."

She also suggests the government needs to progress its population growth plan.

"So having a target has certainly put the population and the predicament attached to population ageing and eventual decline in the conversation, what it needs to do now is better understand the drivers of change within the state and what impact that's going to have."