Gutwein supported Mona's federal funding push


The State Treasurer has released his correspondence with Mona in the lead up to the federal election.

Peter Gutwein told David Walsh in April he'd support a push for federal funding for the group's new exhibition centre and hotel - in an optimistic letter to the entrepreneur.

That's despite Mr Gutwein's federal Liberal colleagues running a brutal campaign against Labor's promise of $50 million to Mona.

Senator Richard Colbeck was among a chorus of Liberals describing the money as a "gift" and labelling Labor a party "only for the south", after it also promised money towards an AFL team, which the Government said would be Hobart-based.

Dividing Tasmania's north and south proved a successful election strategy from the Coalition, taking back 2 seats from the Opposition in Braddon and Bass.

Gutwein letter to Walshe