AMA applauds Courtney's hospital tour

royal hobart hospital crane

The state's peak medical body is welcoming the new Health Minister visiting Tasmania's major hospitals.

Sarah Courtney has embarked on a state-wide hospital tour, speaking with frontline staff about the pressures of the health crisis.

Dr Frank Nicklason from the Australian Medical Association says understanding working conditions is key to implementing reform.

"This is just what's needed and I think she's already seen some of the good work that has been done and meeting the dedicated people who work up in the north and down in the south as well."

Frontline staff at the four major hospitals are said to be relishing the chance to speak face-to-face with the state's new Health Minister.

He says it's an ideal way to endear herself to workers.

"It's viewed very very positively to members of the nursing staff that I was with this morning, they were talking to me about it and they've got great heart from that actually, so it's a very good start and we look forward to more of the same," he said.