Minority government avoided

Tasmania has dodged the minority government bullet, as Sue Hickey decides to stick with the Liberal party, rather than become an independent as she had threatened earlier this week over her exclusion from ministerial roles for a second time.

The Speaker of the Lower House portrays the relationship with the party and Premier Hodgman as a marriage which has now been patched up through better communication.

As for some of the frank language that was flying during the heat of the falling out ?

"Sometimes words get bandied around which wouldn't be so impactful if you were just saying them across the kitchen table, but of course when they are on all the media they become a bit more profound."

In reconciliation meetings with the Premier, she's achieved a government commitment to a new Hobart drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre, with capacity to treat adolescents for mental health problems.

"This is a very important programme to me, I think it's in the interests of Tasmania to have a state of the art drug and alcohol rehabilitation centre and particularly for adolescents struggling with mental health, it's absolutely essential."

She's thinking its location could possibly be Hobart's St Johns Park.