Police unveil drone fleet

action air aircraft 442587

Drones will soon be patrolling Tasmanian streets.

Tasmania Police has unveiled a new fleet of 16 Remotely Piloted Aircraft being rolled out around the state in July, with 17 officers currently being trained up to control them.

It's the first stage of a $400 thousand, 4-year state government project - this part costing a quarter of that.

"The drones will be located in all police districts and will be extremely valuable is areas like search and rescue, gathering evidence from crash scenes, illegal trail bike riding and public order response," Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management Mark Shelton said. 

The drones are governed under strict rules set by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

"...so as not to cause a hazard to other aircraft, people or property, and they can only be used with official authorisation," Mr Shelton said.

A number of the drones will have thermal capacity for night searches as well as specialist and tactical responses.

“These new drones will be a vital tool in our fight against crime and helping make our community safe,” Acting Commissioner Scott Tilyard said.

“For example, the drones can be used to gather intelligence on evades and illegal trail bike riding, gather crucial evidence from crash scenes in just minutes (as opposed to closing roads to the general public for several hours), and in such situations as searching bushland for missing people."

 Image: Pexels