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apple wing chilli nom harvey

Lots of rodent headaches

Exterminators across Tasmania are busy dealing with rodents which are clamouring into homes and businesses seeking respite from the seasonal chill.

Jason Eyles from Scorpion Pest Management issues a reminder that baiting in the roof is a no-no.

"There are still plenty about, moving into houses, we've had a lot of calls lately for dead rats and mice, so we have been looking for carcasses of late, a lot of them are where home owners have poisoned their own rats and mice in the roof cavity, we don't poison roof cavities if we can help it."

Spare a thought for central Sydney, where some of the estimated billion rat population is on the march, forced out of their hiding holes in ageing buildings being demolished for new construction projects. 

An exterminator's work is never done, because as Tasmania enters its final Winter month of rodent infestation, new pests are ready to step in.

Jason's expecting the next wave of call-outs will involve the feathered variety.

"In the next month or so, you will see birds, they will start nesting, so that's a big thing for us and then along with the birds you've got the bird mites in roof cavaties, mainly the starlings and sparrows, where they will nest in the roof, in a good year a pair of starlings will nest two to three times."