Cadbury workers win court case against employer

cadbury chocolate

Two Cadbury workers in Tasmania have won a 'David and Goliath' court battle against the chocolate maker's parent company.

Mondelez argued that shift workers should only receive 76 hours of personal leave under the National Employment Standards based on 10 days of 7.6 hours work.

But the Federal Court has today ruled all employees are entitled to 10 days paid personal leave a year.

The Australian Manufacturing Workers' Union is coining it 'the sweetest victory'.

“Shift workers around Australia can breathe a sigh of relief today thanks to AMWU members Natasha and Brendan who stood up against Mondelez and won this case,” said AMWU Tasmania State Secretary, John Short.

“This was an appalling attempt by a very profitable multinational company to rob its workers of the leave that they are entitled to,” Mr Short said.

“If you need to take a sick day, you should be paid for your normal hours of work, it’s as simple as that. And you should be able to take ten sick days paid at your normal hours of work.”

“As Australians, we can be proud that we have national minimum standards for personal leave. It’s outrageous that a multinational like Mondelez would come in and try to undercut those minimum standards for some of the hardest working, lowest paid employees in this country.”

This case has far-reaching implications, with two similar cases already before the Federal Court.