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Wind farm transport


granville harbour wind farm

The mammoth task of moving 372 individual parts of a new wind farm to the West Coast confronts workers in Burnie.

Specialist vehicles will soon begin making the 200 kilometre journey to Zeehan to set up the $280 million Granville Harbour Wind Farm, which expected to be generating its first electricity by the end of the year.

North-West residents were given the opportunity yesterday to get up close with the giant wind turbines which will stand at 200 metres high, before the big move begins in mid-September.

The parts are currently being stored next to the Bunnings on the Bass Highway.

Once operational, the wind farm will provide enough electricity for 46 thousand Tasmanian homes.

“There’s been so much public interest in the project and we’re incredibly grateful for the support we’ve received from the community," Project Director Lyndon Frearson said. 

The blades are 62 metres long and the tower sections are up to 30 metres long, 5.3 metres wide and each weigh over 50 tonnes.

“Seeing the components at close range provides a different perspective and helps to give an idea of just how big these turbines are – when installed, each wind turbine will reach 199 metres above ground level, making these the tallest wind turbines in Tasmania," Mr Frearson said.

“With deliveries to the wind farm site due to commence in the next few weeks, we’ll also be able to share more information about our plan to transport oversize items to site in one of the largest transport exercises ever seen on the North West Coast.” 

There are currently over 200 workers directly involved in site operations, while around 40% of the project’s workforce are Tasmanian workers and around 10 site workers coming directly from the West Coast.

Image: Granville Harbour Wind Farm - a schedule of trucks departing Burnie from Monday to Saturday, 3am - 11am starting next month.