Real Youth Survival Report

A survey overseen by Colony 47 has collated the experience for young unemployed Tasmanians, and is filled with heart-wrenching stories of poverty.

The Real Youth Survival Report finds their welfare payments put around half at risk of homelessness and more than a third steal to eat, and are too poor to train or pay for the clothes and transport needed for a job.

Kyle, who pays most of his youth allowance to live with his grandmother, was involved in the report.

"I sat at the computer and we've come up with questions and I made the sheet and put the questions on the computer, put them together with a yes or no, I came up with the one that says in there 'people are forced to steal to survive for the night,' I think that was pretty strong."

The state government, Labor and the Greens have united for the report's release with a view to being part of the solution to elevate these young people out of poverty.

While noting the despair contained in the report, Colony 47's Danny Sutton is hopeful it will lead to change.

"I think it's a very confronting statement around the issues that young people face, one of the great things though is that we've been able to bring together a group of supporters, politicians and young people today to talk about this issue I think in a very open way, so that we can now lead to getting some solutions in place."