Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Protestors return to the Tarkine

Forest Tasmania

Environmental activists have returned to the Sumac Forest in the Tarkine to re-establish a protest camp which was shut down by police only days ago.

The Bob Brown Foundation is outraged at plans for logging in the region, to be undertaken by Sustainable Timber Tasmania.

The plan is to pave roads through the dense wilderness.

On Friday, authorities had to climb up around 25 metres to bring down and arrest 21-year-old Josh Nichols near Arthur River, who was then taken to Smithton Police Station and charged with trespass.

He's due before the Hobart Magistrates Court on December 2. 

However, the coservationists haven't been deterred and say they'll continue to protect the region. 

This protestor, Andy, is currently perched 40 metres up.

"I've climbed up here to make sure this tree doesn't get the chop over the next week. There's a proposed road that's going to be put in here and this tree is right on the proposed roadline. So as long as there's someone up here in this tree, this forest is safe," he said on a video posted to social media.  

"I'm camped about 20 metres up in an ancient myrtle and this forest is threatened by imminent logging. They're basically building roads into the wilderness. We're camping here basically to enjoy these magical places for maybe the last time," another protestor said in a social media video.    

There were also demonstrations outside Premier Will Hodgman's office in Hobart this morning, as well as outside Resources Minister Guy Barnett's office in Deloraine this afternoon.