Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Hamilton salmon farm gets tick of approval

salmon farm

Seafood giant Tassal's plan for 46 million dollar salmon hatchery in Tasmania's Central Highlands has been approved by the Environmental Protection Authority.

The facility would be built between between Ouse and Hamilton, capable of producing smolt in a range of sizes up to 600 grams with a maximum annual production of 1400 tonnes of fish.

The EPA has deemed the project environmentally sustainable, but Chair of the Board Warren Jones says ongoing sampling and modelling would be undertaken to keep an eye on odour, noise, waste and irrigation of wastewater - which is originally being taken from Meadowbank Lake and then treated before its use in nearby farmland.

"The hatchery will take water from Meadowbank Lake and recycle and treat it within the internal hatchery system. Some wastewater will result from refreshing the recirculating water and this will be pumped from the hatchery, treated to remove solids and stored in a new, purpose built wastewater reuse dam. It will be used to irrigate nearby farmland in accordance with a management plan, ensuring that no wastewater will be discharged to Meadowbank Lake," an EPA statement read.

Central Highlands Council still has to approve the hatchery, and there's still 14 days in which the EPA's decision can be appealed.

Image: Salmon pens in Norway - Pixabay