Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Santas sack of cash wings 2019

Hobart Airport thanks passengers for patience

airport carnage

Heads of management at Hobart Airport are thanking passengers for their patience, after huge delays yesterday.

Strong winds along with poor visibility grounded several aircraft and forced others to abort landing, stranding hundreds of travellers, some of whom may not be able to get on a flight for a few days.

Jetstar flight JQ 720 to Sydney and Tigerair flight TT504 to Melbourne were both cancelled.

Hobart Airport Chief Executive Officer Sarah Renner says they're working through the situation.

"Around about a thousand passengers were affected but I'm really happy to say that they were accomodated on other flights. We certainly didn't have any passengers sleeping in the terminal and I know the airlines are working through the backlog over today and tomorrow," Ms Renner said. 

It comes after reports that some Tiger Airways customers won't be able to leave until Monday.

"It depends on specific airlines and their agreements, but there are certainly spare seats heading out of the city today," she said.

Meanwhile Hobart Airport has welcomed a new board of directors, which has now met and reaffirmed commitment to its long term sustainability. 

Australian asset manager QIC and Dutch-based airport operator Schiphol took over 70 percent equity in October.

Tasmanian superannuation fund Tasplan holds the remaining 30 percent equity interest in the airport.

“Hobart Airport is a major economic driver for the State, handling over 2.7 million passengers for financial year 2019, making it one of the fastest growing Australian airports.” Ms Renner said.

She's also confirmed international flights are still in the planning 

“Collectively, we are reviewing our terminal expansion plans to ensure that we provide the best opportunity for future growth, in a prudent and efficient manner, whilst also being mindful of the environment and community around us".

 Image: Max McCulloch