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Autumn's Tasmanian forecast


Australia's soon-to-end summer is shaping up to be one of the three hottest on record according to a weather Bureau climate summary, and the heat is expected to linger. With the Bureau anticipating a warmer than average autumn, the bush fire threat for Tasmania's east coast has the potential to continue. Climatologist Dr Andrew Watkins says overall it was a warm and dry summer for Tasmania.

"Despite a fairly cool end to the season in February where we got a bit more easterly winds coming off the ocean there," Watkins explained, "(the conditions were) certainly dry for the state, particularly the south-east, where Hobart had less than half of its normal rainfall over the summer month."

While average rainfall is expected for the state over the next three months, the anticipated warmer than average temperatures in the east could continue fire risks in the area.

"We're not looking at really a well above average or well below average rainfall over the autumn. In terms of temperatures, again, bit more of towards average in the western and central parts of the state, a chance that the eastern strip could be warmer than average over autumn."

Across the country as a whole, temperatures are expected to be above average during autumn, in both day-time and overnight temperatures. Rainfall is expected to be average overall, although conditions could be hotter in the north of the country.