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Hobart's Cottage School suspends classes

The Cottage School in Hobart's Bellerive is to temporarily close from this Thursday, March 26th, in response to coronavirus.

It follows the independent school finding around a third of its students are already being kept home by parents.

Between now and Thursday, the school plans to prepare the kids on how to press on with their studies at home.

This was part of the school's recent post on social media.

"While we are doing as much as possible to implement current health guidelines around the spread of this disease it is proving increasingly difficult to implement as effectively as we think necessary. Children simply don’t do social distancing well!

We will be providing individual learning support to each of our students while they learn at home in the most effective way possible for that child.

We will also be distributing information to parents about how to make this extra time with children as valuable as possible from a learning perspective."