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Grey nomad exodus

Spirit Tasmania

Attention's now turning to how to get tourists still in the state back home, with calls for extra Spirit of Tasmania day sailings.

The closure of the state's national parks and reserves overnight has caught some travellers on the hop, as well as Sunday night's deadline to be out of hotels and other accommodation.

Caravan parks will be closed to tourists after next Wednesday.

Speaking to Lee and Jess, this Queenslander says she's booked her caravan to leave this week.

"Now, the situation is a lot of people have travelled here and thought, ok, they'll just go and find a national park somewhere and hunker down and sort of let it pass," she said. 

"But of course that's all closed now, so there's a whole lot of people just driving around looking for somewhere to stay." 

The Premier's not alarmed at reports of large numbers of motorhomes and caravans still circulating in the state, saying they're getting ready to leave.

Peter Gutwein has also hosed down social media chatter about interstate-plated vehicles still arriving on the Spirit ferries this week.

He says TT Line bookings indicate they're all owned by locals.

"In many cases Tasmanians house their vans on the mainland in Victoria, they come back to Tasmania for six months, they don't want to pay the Spirit fees so they house them over there, it's cheaper," he told this morning's coronavirus media briefing. 

"They are bringing them home."