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"Racist vandalism" being investigated

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Police are investigating an apparent act of racially-charged vandalism in Tasmania's south.

Eggs and white paste were hurled at a sign marking a proposed new cultural park, part of the Buddhist Jin-Gang-Dhyana Temple in Campania.

Residents discovered the damage on Monday May 25, having seen a white ute at the scene the previous day. 

Chair of the Multicultural Council of Tasmania Waqas Durrani believes it was a targeted attack on those of Asian descent due to coronavirus.

“The perpetrators of this vandalism might not mind being accused of racism, but they should also know that their behaviour is un-Australian. Our Prime Minister, Premier and other political leaders have made it clear that Chinese Australians are to be treated with the same respect due to all Australians. It is the Australian way to be polite, to give to people a go, and to respect private property, particularly the site of a peaceful temple," he said.

In March, a Chinese student in Hobart's New Town was verbally and physically attacked for wearing a mask in public, while three Vietnamese women were pelted with lollies and coat-hangers outside a Coles in Launceston two weeks ago.

Mr Durrani says there's been many verbal assaults that haven't made it to the media.

“Chinese Tasmanians are no more responsible for coronavirus than Tasmanians with an Anglo-Celtic background. Those individuals who unwittingly brought coronavirus to Tasmania include Tasmanians with an Anglo-Celtic background. It would be nonsense to blame all Tasmanians with an Anglo-Celtic background for coronavirus because of the travel of these individuals. Similarly, it is nonsensical to blame Chinese Tasmanians. Any assumption that all or even most Chinese Tasmanians support the actions of the Government of the People’s Republic of China is incorrect, lazy and stupid,” he said.

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