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Meander rehab centre update

Years of disagreement over a rehabilitation centre for Meander is still playing out.

Christian group Teen Challenge has been trying to establish an addiction recovery centre for women and their children in the small town's old primary school which closed in 2014.

The Meander Valley Council approved leasing the building for that purpose.

Bodhi McSweeney is President of the Meander Area Residents and Ratepayers Association which is fighting the centre's establishment in the former school building.

"It's a public asset that's been rented to the group for for $1 a year, not only will it lock down the amenity of the town, it stops the facility being used by the wider community for something that could benefit the whole community."

Bodhi also argues those being treated would be disdvantaged by the small town's limitations.

"We think it would be better in an area that there were other services that they could actually utilise."

In the latest legal development, the Supreme Court's sent the stalled project back for an assessment of its bushfire code compliance.