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Seidel, Palmer heading for victory in LegCo elections

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Tasmania's Legislative Council looks set to be dominated by major parties for the first time in history.

A huge lead will see Labor's Bastian Seidel snatch Huon from conservative Independent Robert Armstrong.

The local GP had polled over 31% with nearly 82% of total votes counted - the next best was Mr Armstrong with 18.88% followed closely by the Greens' Pat Caruana and another independent in Dean Harriss. 

Up north, former newsreader Jo Palmer is in a strong position to win Rosevears for the Liberals, polling close to 42% so far.

Launceston councillor and Independent Janie Finlay was at 30.4% as of 2pm.

Should the opposition and the government win each seat, it would mean 8 out of 15 members in the so-called 'House of Review' would be from major political parties.  

"Conservative independents used to be very successful in the Upper House but this business model seems to be on the way out. It's sort of a mixed result for all the parties I think. There's a bit for everyone and a big constrast between the north and the south," political analyst Dr Kevin Bonham said.

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 Images: Labor candidate Bastien Seidel off to vote with his family yesterday (Facebook), Jo Palmer with her family and Premier Gutwein (Facebook)