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Spirit contractor tests positive

Spirit Tasmania

A Spirit of Tasmania contractor based in Melbourne has tested positive for COVID-19.

TT-Line says the result was returned on Wednesday but a review has found the person did not come into contact with passengers while infectious during their last 4 hour shift at Station Pier on Monday, where a deep clean is now underway.

"The Tasmanian Public Health review determined that when the contractor was potentially infectious their work did not involve contact with members of the public or passengers and they posed no risk.The contractor has not worked at TT-Line since Monday, 3 August," a statement said.

Two staff members are in isolation awaiting test results, one has already come back negative.

Initial enquires suggest the contractor did not board either ferry.

"All safety protocols have been followed in this instance and the Tasmanian Government and TT-Line will continue to work closely with Tasmanian Public Health to ensure the safety of this important service," the statement concluded.