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Voluntary assisted dying legislation set to pass

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Mersey Legislative Councillor Mike Gaffney is not fazed by the release of dozens of concerns about his voluntary assisted dying bill.

A Department of Premier and Cabinet document is now in the hand of MPs who are preparing to debate the laws next week.

Concerns include assisted suicide laws pose a potential "serious risk" to both patients and doctors, but Mr Gaffney is confident they can be addressed.

'It is a 147 page bill, so to get 4 pages therefore of 33 dot points I need to address and talk to agencies about, and the government, I'm quite pleased actually.'

A majority of concerns include 'significant risks' to medical professionals, and patients. The restriction of professional liability is at the forefront of debates.

The analyisis also highlighted the impact COVID-19 and resourcing issues would have on the implementation time frame of one year, which some have now labelled as impossible.

The Bill is to be debated in the Legislative Council, commencing from next week.