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Tassie's speeding problem

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 Police are fuming after catching 43 drivers speeding through road works near Hobart Airport Wednesday morning.

Between 8 am and 11 am, 33 drivers were caught travelling between 15 and 29 kilometres over the limit, with one driver travelling 77 kilometres in the 40 zone.

Senior Sergeant Justin Lawson said that the statistics are worrying.

“Just a few seconds of distraction while you’re driving can have devastating results.”

He also warned that Tasmania Police would be out in force at these sites.

“By targeting motorists travelling through roadworks we’re making sure the employees at those worksites get to go about their jobs in a safe environment.”

While driver inattention is being blamed, it has added to the disturbing trend of speeding in the state.

At Elizabeth Town Wednesday afternoon, police caught a 31 year old man from Devonport doing 175 k's an hour on the Bass Highway, seizing his car for 28 days and giving him a court summons.

While in a speed stakeout near Hobart's Bowen Bridge Wednesday morning, police found 14 drivers going too fast, among them a 42 year old Lutana man clocked at 180 k's an hour in the 80 zone. His car was also taken and he's on bail for a court appearance.

A learner motorbike rider was also collared for doing 115 k's an hour.

Police left road users with a simple message:

“Pay attention, don’t speed and help us keep all road users safe.”