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Sexual molester given suspended sentence

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A 5 year suspended sentence for Peter John O'Neill who sexually molested six boys in Tasmania in the 80's is being met with disgust.

He was a teacher when he perpetrated the crimes against the students at Burnie High and Hobart's St Virgils and Dominic Colleges.and has escaped jail time because the now 61 year old's morbid obesity has effectively ruled out his extradition from Canberra.

Hobart's Supreme Court heard it would cost up to $40,000 to bring the housebound and chair-bound pervert back to Tasmania

Sex abuse survivor group Beyond Abuse is horrified a housebound ex-teacher has been spared time behind bars for for historic paedophilia.

Steve Fisher from Beyond Abuse says it's out of step with community expectations. 

"I think it's absolutely ridiculous that somebody could get a suspended sentence. We see this so often that lawyers play the sick card, and the age card, and it's totally disgusting, and basically it has to change."

Mr Fisher argued O'Neill should have received a life sentence.

"If you have sexually abused a child, you have given them a life sentence," he said.

"It should not even come into sentencing if you're sick or you're elderly. If you've done the crime, you should do the time."